Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 Summer Entry

LOCATION: Budyong Beach Resort
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu
So it's summer here already in Philippines. This is the best time to wear amazing beach outfits right? Click women bikini dresses for mor choices to choose from.
Moreover, the first few days of summer this April is that I made sure to go in Budyong Beach near the famous Kota Beach in Sta. Fe. What these two beaches have in common is  the sand bar where tourists flock for picture opportunity (I will be publishing picture of such in my next post). I felt so happy in this trip because this is my first break from the tiring days in school. I promised myself a vacation, so I made a two-day vacation to unwind and refresh good vibes and positive energy. It is really amazing
how trips transform our perspectives in life that we get back home renew and more happy. I cannot imagine life without a summer break. I just can't.
This is my first time in Sta. Fe even though this is just very near in my hometown. What makes this place famous aside from its pristine beaches and white sand is that this is the location of the famous movie in the Philippines Camp Sawi, a movie talking about girls who are broken-hearted recover from the programs of letting go and moving on by the Camp Master in this place. It is a story of letting go of someone you love so deeply and made your heart broken. It is a story portraying the ways of how to move on from past love. 
My coming here though doesn't mean I am heart-broken (sawi), but I am full of love from the love of my life I am most thankful of and from my family and friends. 
So what's your summer entry story?
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