Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Escape To Medellin Hideaway

LOCATION: Medellin, Cebu, Philippines

This year's summer, I got the chance to go to Medellin Hideaway, one of the resorts in #fantastic Medellin in the Northern part of Cebu with Ate Sha and her family and with my sister.We had just short hours for Ate Sha's job, and I got to use my eyes sparked with awe in this so colorful resort. This is just a little resort, but

one could be hooked at their colorful-with-flaglets bridge leading to a (a very) tiny islet on wards. 
Even though, I have lived in the Northern part of Cebu for a bit long time now, but I never really or entirely explore some of its gems.
I am looking forward for more travel at the North of Cebu this summer and hope to share with you guys, my readers what I've got.
God bless everyone!
verdant view towards Medellin
colorful runway for me hehe
picturesque setting
 crystal clear water of the resort

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