Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life Must Go On

LOCATION: Medellin Hideaway, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines

I said in the previous post that I am really excited about summer, and I don't know where would it take me to an adventure. Well, sad to say that in the beginning of the summer month, I lost my father to complicated diabetes, and I've been to a big blog hiatus in respect of my father's death. I am never this hurt in losing a family member who is dear to me. Even though father's been so long not living with us because of another

family, but a father is always a father. There is somehow a very large linkage in the genes pressing or pinching me and making me sad remembering those precious memories- good or bad. And sad to say, we are not on his side in his last breath.
I cannot focus on my processes in this year's ranking thinking of father's deep need of us in the pain he carried. But, God took away his pain and put him in His abode.
Life must go on!
 I may not be able to let father taste the fruit of this labor I am pursuing, but I won't let the rest of my family members escape to taste the fruit (hopefully).
God after all has a purpose. Just like I said, His plans are better than my wildest dreams.
May God bless us all.

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Photos by: Rashel

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