Saturday, April 12, 2014

Get Recognized

Let's take a break of my tour to Leyte.
Last week, I was surprised when my student Edmar Tumulak asked me hesitantly how to blog. She really got me hooked when she said that she loves really my photos (well, thank you  very much,Edmar). I too love them as much as I love doing them. lol

As always a teacher, my time is focused on school related work. I mean when you're on the job for a bit of time, the tasks could be like routinized. That's why I am afraid that I might get bored , so I insert blogging in my life. I can express my aspirations with it. Planning for a venue, sketching for an outfit that are available with me though I'm not good at it, and repeating the shots for the nth time under sometimes the scorching sun because my sister is a green photographer are worth the take and smirk on my face. I tell you I love my life; I love teaching. I love blogging too and I thank God for that.

shoes: mag's, shades: ray ban, avon umbrella, and ring with ruby stone

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