Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Too Can

Aside from Edmar, my student, my ate Glaiza also asked me how to blog. Hmmm. Well then it is a part of me to share my happiness with you guys the art and science of blogging because your happiness matters to me too. Thanks to Samnatha Mae Cavalida for sharing to  me her knowledge
about it. If you want to know do blogging just like what I do, then this post is good for you.
1. There are so many blogging sites for you- blogspotpinteresttumblrwordpress ,and many others, but I use blogspot. I have also an account in tumblr, but it's inactive since I can't serve two masters at the same time effectively (but I will try).
2. Register on the blog site you chose and fill on every information they require. (Strictly follow instructions and your on the right track.)
3. Remember, read and read and comprehend the instructions.
4. Voila! your on your first step to awesome- blogging.

Just like me,I blog on my own out of curiosity, and I made it. Aim high because you too can. :-)

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