Monday, April 27, 2015

Shy Moment

LOCATION:     San Remigio Beach Club
                      San Remigio, Cebu, Philppines

Despite running this blog for more than a year and jump in some rides that are absolutely free to see places that I could discover myself and be a story teller in my blog (and that I could use as my setting), I still have this feeling of shyness when someone (close to me) takes a picture of me in a crowded place.

People are looking at me as if I melt to death, and with that, I beckon my photographer (especially my sis) to stop clicking, and we will just go back to the place when it is not crowded anymore. And the result - I wasted time which is precious and would never be back. ;-(
Just like these picture I have which were taken from San Remigio Beach Club with my students in college, i needed to have a timing and went to a silent place of the resort just to take photos and so that they would not mind I am bringing outfits with me (which is every blogger's ordeal..awwww hahaha).
I still feel shy because by nature I am. Hopefully I can overcome this shyness.
God bless, everyone!

vintage skirt
photos by: Jenevie Catapan

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