Friday, June 5, 2015

Goodbye Summer!

Sadly, summer is over, yet there is no need to worry because there will be still summer seasons in all the years of our lives that will bring us to the next levels of experience.
In fact, the end of summer promises  new season to enjoy with where the rain cleanse the air and prepare the vegetation for the flowers to bloom.

Though classes are going on now, and it's difficult to have a vacay not like that of summer time, but there is enough time to squeeze in. In fact it's also enjoyable to bathe in the sea while it's raining. What do you think?
 But it doesn't mean you stop putting on sunscreen because UV rays still penetrate on cloudy weather.
According to Michelle Phan: "wear sunscreen in all the days of your life; your future self will thank you for that",
When this year's summer is spent well, well there is no reason to worry on the passing of summer. But if you were not able to make the most of it, well just like I said there are still many summer seasons.
Here are some tips to prepare the next great summer ever!

1. List destinations you want to go for the two-month summer, but make sure they are attainable.
How about that most visited places nearby? No matter how small or not so beautiful at least you have directions. Either way, you are promoting your local tourists attractions.

2. Plan with friends to allot expenses and share the experiences with.
Put a schedule too.
Remember, it's better when some things are shared.

3. Save for the destinations.
Since there are 10 months to go for the next summer, well then 10 months is good to prepare for them. Allot 5% or 10% of your baon or salary and save them. Make home-mad baon, watch movies in the house instead of movie theater to save more. There are many ways to kill a dog (not literally).

4. Prepare yourself. 
Of course summer time would not be enjoyed if you are sick, and the bikini (long been bought) would not fit. Moisturize skin to luminous effect.
Have a healthy lifestyle!

5. Include your love ones in your plan.
There is no greater motivation than that of family's  happiness. 

I hope you had a great summer!
God bless, everyone!

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