Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Osmena Peak

LOCATION: Mantalungon, Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines

It was a rainy five o’clock morning in Bb’s Mountain Resort (formerly Just Inn) in Dalaguete where my friends and I were all pack for our coming to Mantalungon to see the small Baguio of Cebu and even hike at the highest point of Cebu- Osmena Peak. We had our breakfast first at one of
Dalaguete’s food store (I forgot the name- bad blogger hehe) and contracted a “habal-habal” (for-hire motorcycle) for 200 pesos ride forth and back per person.
We wanted to head to Osmena Peak early in the morning so that we can see the sunrise, but it was raining slowly, and we got wet. But, that was still an amazing experience. It was a long journey. I saw many pine trees and big mountains and vegetables fields- no wonder why Dalaguete is dubbed as the vegetable basket of Cebu.
And on the site heading to Osmena Peak, we were led by a little girl (I think 10 years old); she served as our tour guide. The land was slippery, and good thing we got our sneakers. The young tour guide laughed at us as she glimpsed us hiking while holding our knees (hehe I told to myself that I am really old now). Campers are outnumbered and their tents colored the gray hue of the day.
And from that, we saw Osmena Peak!
This place is definitely in my bucket list amongst the tourists’ spots that are found in the South of Cebu. But sad to say our coming there was foggy, so I and my friends were not able to see the scenic view of Osmena Peak. This is the highest point in the land of Cebu. This is somewhat like Chocolate Hills in Bohol, but I know it’s far more different. On the clear day, one can see the scenic view of the neighboring island of Cebu- Negros-very photogenic indeed, but I wasn’t able to see that is because it’s foggy and cold. But no regrets though because a real adventurer never regrets on anything about his trip but appreciates.
Promise, I’ll be coming back on a clear, sunny day.
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