Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Am Still Here

LOCATION: SM Seaside Cebu
Hey guys! Just so you know I am still here. Been here in school...spent no weekend because of the school camping, but thank
God I am still alive and kicking. Honestly I kinda stressed from the activities, but they are so fun. I just blog this time using my phone coz my laptop is kinda heavy to carry, so yeah I made to publish this very weekend. Yeheyyy!
I am so sorry for delays of posts for the people I collaborated with. I promise everything will be back on track.
So now here is a post of me wandering around SM Seaside Cebu, the newest and largest mall in Cebu with a skin color as dark as chocolate freshly baked from the beach. 😄
Xoxo, Jehan!
Top from Micovidi Boutique, Red Girl Jeans, Shoes and Bag from SM Parisian
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