Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm Back for Good

Hello guys!
You never heard from me a bit for some reasons I did in the summer time.
Of course work is part of it that I thought I could never have a summer vacay because school and community work is so demanding. And more to say I destined in a school far away from home (one hour travel to be exact), but luckily now I transfered to a nearer school in my barangay- my dream high school actually and my Alma Mater at the same time- HAPPY ME :-)
So to speak, I am not stressed traveling to school anymore. I even love my job now!
So, some summer days of mine were spent for some activities needed for my transfer (only public teachers can relate how tired it is, but fulfilling).
And so the 2nd last week of May was free, and I got to visit my sister and auntie in Manila with the whole family. We wandered around the enchanting Tagaytay and the gigantic SM Mall of Asia. 
I was so happy also that I got to bond with my boyfriend before he left for work, and with my high school best friend who happened to work in Manila for quite some time. 
It's my first time travelling with family out of Cebu, but google maps saved the day!
And with the said summer vacay, I was able to experience travelling alone in going back home. It was a dream of a lifetime to travel alone. It was somewhat a scary experience yet self satisfying of proving your independence. But, I am also thankful of having a traveller-by-work boyfriend who can be one call away for some first encounters especially at the airport and Manila transportation. hehe
Learning really is a never-ending process.
Cheers to more adventures to come!
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