Saturday, March 22, 2014

Capitancillo Islet

Kapitansilyo or Capitancillo is the name of this sunk ship. According to the Bogo town folks, the ship was cursed, and when the lightning struck to it, it sank, hardened and produced growing rocks for many years until it became an islet. It is considered a tourists spot of Bogo  City flocked with foreigners and local tourists. It is at the heart between Tabogon and Bogo. Though the islet is not yet thoroughly renovated and
industrialized, its pure beauty made you thank God for this wonderful creation. The counts let us enter for free, so we went down for photos and toured the entire islet. And do you know what we’d discovered- huge sea snakes and dangerous eels. The whole islet is filled with them. They were hiding in every nook and cranny. After that, we used on our life jackets and swam on the blue sea. As I swam on, I noticed that the islet is in declining position…meaning on the shore and on the little portion with water, the sand is shallow…beyond that is deep already. It was just like a cliff. We picked many embellished stones and dead corals for souvenirs.
P.S. Thanks to Stella Noynay , my student , for the free adventure .hehehehe…from the payment of the rooms in Martinez resort to the food and to the payment of the boat towards Capitancillo. Wise blogger!
It took us 30 minutes to go to the all kinds of awesome islet. It was a memory indelibly engraved in our soul.

 Padayon Bogo.
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