Saturday, March 22, 2014

Malapascua Island

Summer is here again. I can smell the sea salt in my hair hahah..and also the sweet smelling spf lotions. Here take a pick of my travel adventure in Malapascua.

 This travel has long been stocked in my memory card, but still I want to share this summer travel last May 2012 with you guys.
My colleagues in Tabogon Roosevelt High School namely Sheena, Ingrid, and ate Rosalie and I had this exciting summer trip to Malapascua. At first I was hesitated to go because I was preparing for my total thyroidectomy operation, bu tmy mom said that this would be an exciting journey. So, I ditched my beach essentials and prepared my jaw for an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping adventure.
First, we met up at Bogo City Terminal and brought with us our home-cooked baon. We waited for a bus via Maya, Bagay. The fare was just forty pesos (40). When we arrived at Maya port,the vessel that would carry us to the island was waiting with gay floating on the invigorating blue sea water. Of course the ride would coast you one hundred (100) pesos including for the ride in a boat going over to the big vessel. There were so many foreigners,local tourists, and island folks buying essentials needed for their everyday use in the island including food and household essentials in the vessel.
At the clear view of the island, Sheena, the one who has the camera, clicked the shutter for the nth time until we finish hopping the island.
Enjoy reading.
Snorkeling at the coral reef garden. UGHH.....This is an amazing creation of God. You can see a vast area of coral reefs from here to far far away there. Schools of fish under the scorching sun and on the cold blue sea water, mention them they are all there.

From left- Ingrid, Sheena, yours truly, and ate Rosalie
I was enjoying pumping the water out of the boat hehehhe
We're planning to build our own resort here beside the Yellow Hotel. I was not able to discover why this is called yellow hotel. That is maybe because some things here are yellow.

Sheena and I filling our faces with lots of sunscreen


Exotic birds are dwelling at the holes of the boulders.
Whatever the name of this hotel, I love this ste...Drool...

I can't even flap my feet in this amazing spot in Malapascua. the tour guide called this The Sank Ship. Mind you, It was so scary down there. It looked like a big whale or a big shark as if biting us of fear. I wanted to swoon out of scare. But when the tour guide lead the way through it we followed  him and the rest was adventure.hahahha

Our tour guide, a native of Malapascua

Wide smile!  P.S. The whole island was a beauty. I took sand for souvenir.

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