Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Things To Make Your Summer Worthy

Others would idle every summer, but hey!, guys don't waste time. Time is really running very very fast, and we are getting older. So, make every minute or second counts.
In this summer, you can make many things you thought you can't.

1. Capture every moment with your most stylish outfits or best pose ever in a pictorial worthy venue. Gosh, with that you seem like a pro mod. Of course, don't forget the camera and memory card.
2. Organize your things. Pair those sexy sleeveless, tube or halter piece with your loved skirts. Of course the accessories, don't take them for granted. You might regret  losing them.
3. Blog. Yay, that's a way to kill time, leave a legacy and make use of tech. You too can blog.
4. Have a vacay and make the photos remarkable in your instagram account, facebook, or on your own blog or even on your own photo album. Make a scrapbook even.
5. If you don't want a vacay specially in  a beach, this is the time to prepare for the next school year. Prepare your skin by moisturizing and exfoliating; prepare your body to make it healthy by hitting the road for a jog. (Come on the sunrise is really beautiful) Of course prepare your mind. This is the great time to read, read and have a tutorial class for a subject in advance.
Come on girl; be a good girl right now....

jeans from Redgirl , flats from Mario D' Boro.
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