Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Things Without A Laptop

I've been blogging for almost two years now, but I still don't have any laptop. Most bloggers do have their PC, or own laptop to blog every day. But, that isn't me. So those who are following me, most of my photos are fresh (i mean no editing is done here). I blog photos with no pretenses; just like
what Dove commercial says don't cover your face with make to the world your skin and be proud of it. "Beauty is a state of mind"
I could have the chance to have a laptop, but the money intended for it was spent for something else that is important. You might ask how do I blog? Well then if I don't have the chance to use the net to blog, I take photos religiously with my Nikon DSLR, and there are things that I can't do because of the absence of laptop.

1. I can't edit pictures. Twelve pesos is the payment in the net cafe, and hey it takes time to edit photos, so I might end up paying millions. lol

2. I can't blog every day. To those who are following me, you might wonder why I don't blog every day; instead I blog in  a bulk. Your queries are answered. Sometimes I can't blog on cafe because sometimes my students or co-workers will take a peek and booom... my creative mind is shut off because of shyness.:-(
3. Typo error. Because I am in a hurry, sometimes, I forgot to proofread (too bad).

4. I can't beautify my blog because the net is loading, or I end myself tired of reading how.

5. I ended up chasing my time (school work here and blog then and now.) Oh come on and here comes loading internet. Could anybody give me an apple laptop? Serious. I pray for that. 
Have a good day every one and have a peaceful holy week. God bless.

skirt from koodookid , top from peanut butter,earrings from avon
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