Monday, May 5, 2014

10 Things I Recently Learn In Life

Yeah, mention it; life is everything, but Dude there are always ups and downs. That's why recently I knew these things:
1. Trust no one. If you're in love, you are believing to the people around you, but remember trust no one. Even your own instinct and self cannot be trusted; don't follow them. You need to do is to read
the bible because up there there is only One whom you can trust, and that is God alone. The world is full of illusion; the bible is your guide, so read it.
2. Things happen for a reason. This old cliche still holds true that even the deepest pain and the most shallow tingling of the heart followed a little and more reasons of path. Remember God's plan for you; He uses even the deepest pain to mold you right. Life is still beautiful after all.
3. Never hold on to someone who doesn't love you anymore. Sounds like aching down there, especially when he loves someone else, and you don't know after a long time relationship you have.Remember you are beautiful just the way you are. You deserve someone that may not be the best but better. Maybe that love is not for you. Let him go; you can't hold him back anymore. Lastly, do not compare yourself to the girl he replaced you. Remember the poem Desiderata? It's beautiful.
Do not compare yourself with others
For you will become vain or better 
For always there will be lesser and greater person than yourself
Instead focus on your assets (talents) and hone them; they will make you happy.
4. Love? Hggg. People would say that fame, wealth, money and everything would be nothing without love, but remember control it. It is the exhilarating feeling, but remember its excruciating effect. If you love someone better control it , girl; don't give everything.
5. If you are betrayed by a lover or friend or a family member, don't do the same. Kill him/her with kindness. Remember the golden rule: Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you.
6. The truth. I ned the truth dear. Ugghh. Truth really does hurt, but it will set you free. Remember don't lie to others especially to yourself.
7. Don't be numb. Oil that gray matter and function it like a jaguar. Come on girl, where is that old head of yours. You're an honor student, a valedictorian,a cum laude, soon to be a master and a doctor of philosophy. Ughhhg don't hide on that old ugly shell; show up and show to the world what you got.
8. Don't blame yourself.
9. Be like Sherlock Holmes. Investigate3x
10. Lastly, love yourself. Nobody would take care of yourself except you and you. Eat healthful foods, and drink plenty of water to replace the tears I mean the water in your body. Avoid those people who cause you pain. And by the next time around that you are fooled, remember kiss but never love, listen but never believe, and leave before you are left.
lol my eyes at the up-pest part.

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