Sunday, May 4, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be lazy In A Day

Most of us are like Juan, the indolent. Like him, we just sit and wait for something good to come or lying under the guava tree and waiting for the fruit to fall down on our mouth.
Filipinos are known for being indolent according to historians, but for me not all.
 We need to seize the time and don't let it pass without doing something.

1. Remember, time flies so fast nowadays. With few blinks of an eye, we just found out that days change like a change of a page when scrolling a page in our i pad.
2.Everything counts. Even just making a scrap book and putting dates on it will do a lot of wonder in our memory when we will become old.
3. With the invention of high technologies nowadays, past events may just seem a history of a lifetime, so be part of the history and live each day as if it is your last.
4. We are busy growing without noticing that our parents are also growing older. So, capture every minute of it. Take a lot of photos and jot events on your diary. 
5. Remember we just only live once, so seize the day and put no trust on tomorrow. Live well and eat well. Balance everything in life and take care of yourself.
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 Two posts for today to satisfy the hungry mind and eyes. Have a good day everyone!

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