Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exotic Island Dive Resort

They have a big boat to send divers in the diving area.

On the second week of May, I was invited by Kuya Dennis Oliamot and family to go with them in Malapascua for their annual visit to the patron saint there. Who would say no to this legendary island flocked with tourists all year round  for free? (I had my visit here last 2011, yet never exhaust my
wanderlust). On my tour around the island, I took photos of two resorts there (the second one will be posted next so check out for that) which for me are attractive. In case you want to visit Malapascua, check out Exotic Island Dive Resort.

their inns
They have free wi-fi access
the diving apparatuses
Their dining area in a native design turns into a romantic area at night.
another inns in a native design
The cerulean sea and white sand are perfect match.
This area opens a clear view of Leyte land.

Enjoy, everyone ;-)

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