Saturday, May 24, 2014

You Don't Wear It, You Live It

This is my first workout post in my blog. Though I exercise then and now, but nothing beats the serenity and beautiful scenes of the environment to the health.. I thank God for them.
We become what we are not because things are born within us, but because we work on them just like what philosophy perfume line tells:
The deeper  we dive the more remarkable we become, and in the end, the one that rises to the top is that our tomorrows belong only to this day; the lesson we learn is to passionately express our daily
moments with living grace and gratitude.
Truly, our tomorrows lie on what we do today. The things we do today serve as a money we deposit in our future bank that we are dreaming. Meaning if we invest in eating good and living in a healthy lifestyle  (for example) guarantees a healthy us in the future. And above all, living in gratitude on the things we receive everyday assures a graceful and contented us in the future

sorry for the make-up face (galing gising kasi hehehhe)
caterpillar shoes, boxer shirt from Red Sun
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