Friday, May 16, 2014

I Try DIY- Flower Turban

There are times when you can't afford to get something not to the fact that you don't have a penny, but that money of yours is intended for something important.
Good thing, there is always D(do) I(it) Y(yourself) thing. Things are really at your hand when accompanied with creativity.

Flower turban may be obsolete for some, but it is still "in" now. So here are the basic steps for your DIY flower turban.


1. unused plastic turban

2.glue stick
3. unused plastic flower
4. scissors
5. candle
6. matches


1. Cut some plastic flowers of your choice.

2. Glue them on your plastic turban as you desired on how your flower would be looked like.

3. Glue them hard enough so that they won't fall when you use them.

4. and voila....FLOWER TURBAN.
Simple as that!
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