Friday, May 16, 2014

La Vie Est Belle

"Life is beautiful."
May 15,2014 marks the 2nd anniversary of my neck. Time flies so fast that I almost never noticed that it took two years already since I was operated with total thyroidectomy.
 Before I was operated, I imagine life was so messy and miserable that I end up blaming God with my ordeal.But I realize that there is a purpose behind  everything, and I know God has chosen me as a
carrier of this illness because I am a strong person that I could sustain life's misery like a camel in a vast desert. And like a camel I know in the long run I can find oases (not one but many).
As I was on my way to general check up for my operation, I realize that I am not alone in misery in this world. There are many out there who need help (especially financally) for cure.
It was not easy being with cancer. I thought I would die at 20, but God is so good all the time. Just like I said there is always a purpose and that purpose is left within me.
In order for me to become normal and not treated as special because I am a cancer patient, I shift my hobby from sitting and thinking to taking pictures and writing. Life is beautiful after all. 
Choose your own path to happiness.

Take a peek of the pictures I had in Malapascua island (I'll be blogging my trip there,so watch out for that).
They are pieces of my photographic side.

long sleeve from gaisano store,shorts from TTOijeans.comflipflopethnic vibe shades from avon
P.S. I still lack one step in order for me to be cancer-free and that is RAI (radio active iodine). There is hope within me that I could pass the challenge and have enough money for it.
God bless, everyone.
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