Friday, May 9, 2014

Innocent Habits That Hurt

I for one am not perfect. Though sometimes our ego or brain maybe tells us that we are perfect, but we're not.
Sometimes we do have habits that we feel comfortable with and without noticing that they cause
pain. I for one have them.
1. Being so not reactive. My mom or grandma would tell me of stories about their lives (my brother and sister would do the same), but I don't have a comment, I just listen though. I know with that act I hurt them. #sorry
2. Not replying a text even if I have a load. I spend mostly my time with me- having a meditation, writing essay on my blog, planning, sketching, etc. and if someone is texting while I am  doing them, I never reply. I just reply when the load is almost expired (too bad), and the expiration cut the conversation (happy me ;-))
3. Not socializing others. Just like I said I am a me-time person, in other words somewhat like a bit loner, so I ended up not socializing and maybe cut a conversation with alibis. #sorry
4. When called I sometimes not answer until Lola's and Mama's voice is off. I just show up as an answer. (too late)
5. Not even liking post in Fb until I realize recently that the simple act of liking really does count- really does count. I know, you too are like me.
Promise I'll improve my habits so that I won't hurt others.

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