Friday, May 30, 2014

Sakura For A While

Japan is really my first ever dreamed country in Asia. It is quiet, laid back, the people are disciplined, tons of high technologies, sea foods, ramen, and of course my love- Sakura (cherry blossom).
The cousin of my lola had once worked in Japan, and as I saw her pictures as a child with Sakura behind her, I knew in the first place I love it and would love to have it here in the Philippines. Until it
came to a time that I want cherry blossom to be the motif for my wedding day (hmmmm... I could only just imagine). As I grow old, I see bloggers have fake Sakura in their background in La Vie, Lahug and of course the real one in Japan. Personally, I haven't been there (La Vie and Japan), but I love to go there and luckily in my quest for it, I found an artificial one in Exotic Island Dive Resort in Malapascua. It was pale in day time, but when night time comes I almost swoon for its beauty.
I love you, Sakura!
And since I am a dreamer (forever), it is always a dream of mine to live in Japan even just a day or two.

 P.S sorry for some blurred photos hehehehe
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