Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curate Your Life

I am very sorry guys for this very blog hiatus. Time doesn't hinder me, but this time money does(ang daming nakakarelate nito) lol.Yeah, it really does hinder me because I'm still waiting for an item in the public school (in short I have no work at this point). But instead of lying around and doing
nothing, I still blog (despite) because I beleive that  you live not by destiny but by choice. Your deeds are reflections of your thoughts and your aspirations. People around you truly can influence you, but you are the one curating your life. Since you are curating it, so:
1. dream of who you would want to become or what to have 
2. set it as your inspiration
3. plan things to achieve it
4. aim it high and hit it hard enough
5. and of course, nothing beats the power of "do"; do work for it.
Photos by: Debbie Jean Nuenos
top from gaisano store, vintage skirt from Kinney, elegance shoes, avon purse, omega watch, earrings given by ate Claire, bracelets given by Ate Benita
photos by: Debbie Jean Nuenos

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