Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School- Friendly Tips

LOCATION: Lingay Beach Resort, San Remigio, Cebu

Welcome back to school year 2014-2015!
Though I graduated a bit long enough, but I'm still pursuing my graduate studies (master's degree and hopefully doctorate degree and even others I'm passionate about like music and arts) and I know conundrums that challenge the beloved students in this so called study because by profession I am a teacher.

No one gets rich by studying, but it leads you to richness not maybe with money or other properties but with experiences in life. So here are survival tips for you:
1. Know your schedule. Of course very basic but others make mistake on this one especially the newbies.
2. Do not procrastinate. Yes.. I mean in everything maƱana habit is a no no.
3. Set your goals, and aim it, and hit it. Just like a sailor in a vast sea, know where you are head to.
4. Enjoy your life as student. But not to the fact that you are hurting others.
5. Make an inspiration. I tell you the one thing that makes me survive in my studies is inspiration from my family, friends, classmates, love ones (yay), and all the people around me in any sort of life. But if your inspiration loves truly someone else, and  your ruining them, better quit girl, you won't get that way; Karma is on the way.
6. Eat and practice a healthy lifestyle. Of course love yourself first and more.
7. Study. Of course you are a student. Don't waste the money and time intended for it.
8. Balance everything.
9. Don't waste time. There is always a time for everything, but this time is study time... nothing else, unless you know how to juggle for different clubs (for experience and keepsakes)
10. Pray (ask Divine Providence in everything you do) and dress to kill but follow school dress codes.
Good Luck!

jeans desierkorea top, belt from Gaisano store, natasha shoes fro Jemar, bag from Jemar, necklace given by Ate Benita
photos by: Jemar Bostrello

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