Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Minute Summer

Through hot and scorch that accentuate my morena feature and even tanner than before, moving to worrying and waiting for an item to come in our way for public school (I can see Jenevie's pouted and worried face here hehehe) and no penny in our pocket, down to enjoying the last day of summer by a wedding (congrats to Ate Chen and Sir Chief Marvin Cortes) and rebonding with my "kaloka" girls (my colleagues actually) make my summer even better. lol

To all my colleagues in CRMC, I thanks you guys for everything that in one way that leads to another we created such a strong bond that indelibly marked in our hearts. We supported each other even like kin.We laughed at a moment of joy through our hearts content and cried for some and amazingly our nose smoked out of anger to our beloved students, and after all, we love our job even.
I love you, guys. I would forever miss you (I won't forget....naks nakakaiyak naman to). Hopefully nothing (except for some unless otherwise stated) would be changed.
It is really like a melodrama- there is ease, challenge, problem, happy moments (hopefully happy moments forever). Hugghhh Everything in summer is extra ordinary. There is always a treasure trove of inspiration every nook and cranny. And beyond ups and downs of life by everyday living, summer is beautiful after all.
Chaste the sun because after that you only miss it when it starts to snow.
May God bless us all.

 photos by Jemar Bostrello
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