Saturday, May 31, 2014

Global Girl

This place and mango tree where I shoot used to be verdant. But when typhoon Yolanda (Haian) came last November 7 and 8, 2013, everything turns to bald and slowly trees like these turn into gray and brown, telling the world that they are lifeless. Good thing the people in our place never cut them, so they look like undecorated Christmas tree.

At first when I pass here, I just don't notice but as time goes on, I realize there is something here, and that is beauty.
Though Yolanda broke our hearts too much by its effect, but it left us many good things, and one of those is a beautiful place like this in a a lifeless medium.Still, life is beautiful after all.
 So to fill in some green to the tree, I set for this nature--ly outfit.

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 dress given by Ate Claire, leather bag given by "Maria" Jason Ursal, flats from mags boutique

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