Thursday, July 3, 2014

For Black And Red

This red vintage skirt reminds me of my sister, Ate Glaiza when she was in elementary hehhehe. I mean this skirt is from her from long time ago. Just like I said I thank my grandma's keeping skill because she keeps so many vintage clothes with her.

So that I may not look so rugged or shall I say pure retro in this look, I paired it with new polo shirt which Ate Claire had given (thanks Ate Claire) and black heels and red lips. I feel like Taylor Swift (lol, except for my hair). I opted for ponytail so that the focus is on my clothes. I'm really amazed of the black and red combo. It is regal (by the black) and fierce (by the red) and sweet (depends on actions). And for this, I'm ladylike. ;-O
At this point, I personally thank all my viewers, readers and supporters for spending even just a little time looking (this means so much to me) at my extended world -blog- from which I can express my view of any sorts and give tips and of course cater my first and hard earned love for writing. Yeah... I really love to put into words my thoughts creatively and really love to express my self through fashion in my own (maybe others too) taste of style. Thank you very much for loving my world.

 clutch from avon,elegance shoes, vintage skirt, top from Ate Claire
photos by: Rash

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