Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Like A Pro Mod

My ultimate dream for my very self is to become a Victoria's Secret Angel (but until now, I'm still vertically challenged lol) and travel around the world for free ;-o
But as I learned to flip pages from magazines and turned channels in television as a child, I knew for sure my first dream is to become a runway, print ads, shoot and point, and commercial  model lol...
yeah seriously! And now, yeah I'm really a model (of my blog) and role model of values and ethics because I am a teacher that inconspicuously and conspicuously my students are imitating me (or sometimes hating me for some other reasons, maybe I'm strict enough)
I feel like a professional model in this shoot (hahaha feel ko lang, ang taray). I'm imagining myself in a studio with the gray cement backdrop I have instead of white, and imagining the photographer shooting me in every angle with a light reflector man and with the make-up artist and stylist prepping me every other take (lol) with this outfit I have.
I never thought vintage top would go with modern shorts and heels like this . I feel like a modern girl in the mixed pieces. There is really an art in mixing. Hope you like this even though  some pics are blurred.

floral vintage top, roxy shorts, necklace from avon, earrings from Ate Benita, bracelets Given by Donato Indoy

photos by: Rash
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