Monday, July 7, 2014

Jehan's World

Blogging has really been a part of my life now. I just find myself worrying and feeling depressed when I can't publish, have DIY ideas, have a travel, a shoot , a ransack on my closet to mix and match outfits, an ink in my pen and a blank sheet in my notebook, a food , a beauty discovery, a memory to fill in my photographic skill, and of course a laptop (please..can I have one; promise to have it not maybe sooner but later, ok...). Blogging is my current drug right now and surely, I'm addicted with it
(damn!). I never been this addicted. Every now and then I keep functioning my mind on how to beautify my blog just like any others' blogs, how to have adsense or nuffnag in my blog for advertisements, and everything else about it since I don't have someone to ask about it.Yeah, some things here in my blog popped up experimentally lol. Thanks to my curiosity and money of course for the internet cafe.In speaking of curiosity and un-sleepy mind thinking about my blog, I changed the title of it: Jehan's World. Since this blog is focusing on everything I love (not anymore only to vintage clothes from which the former title :Harbored From Mama is focusing of)- yeah I love everything, but I'm a master of some things maybe lol- I rather titled this blog Jehan's World. Yeah with this blog, you can peek half of me; just half because I'm still a private citizen (in my private me) in my so called silent place-home- where my hair is unruly, clothes are rugged, and with unpaired slippers (lol) and no make up me. Yeah that is really me, and I'm happy with it. Though I'm not such a beauty (physically), but I believe that a happy girl is the prettiest (Audrey Hepburn).
Hopefully, I can improve this blog, and please do help me guys in realizing my dream.
So, what do you think of my title guys and its design?
P.S. no edit pics

vintage skirt, top, pearls, and heels from Ate Sha
photos by: Rash
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