Friday, July 11, 2014

Your Road To Blogging

You don't have to have a perfect picture to start your blog. Remember, you are still starting. If you got a bad one , fill in some oomph to your words to catch readers' attention and equalize the concoction.
I know..I readers love blogging as much as I do. Even though you are silently reacting, I know deep in you want to have your own site where you can express everything of you particularly on fashion (a chronicle of the clothes you wear daily) and putting your thoughts into words or other things beyond those.

Let me tell you, you can be whatever or whoever blogger you want to be (depends on your chosen craft). You can be a fashion blogger, quirky and funny one, a story teller/ blogger.. anything you are passionate about. But today's road to blogging blog post is for people who want the same blog as mine. So here are some things you need:
1. A camera. Of course you want to capture anything for your blog. You can even ransack old pile of photos in your Fb albums and make a story out of them. You don't need a DSLR; you can even use your phone's camera as long as it is clear.
2. Outfits. Don't worry, you need not to buy in bulk; just choose precious clothes you have and mix and match.
3. Venue. Personally, I take photos almost anywhere as long as it captures my eyes.
4. A photographer. Of course, you need one unless you set your camera in time.
5. A notebook and a pen. These are for the purpose of writing your thoughts ahead before you head to the internet cafe. Make sure your thoughts are written already (you can have on the spot if and only if you have free wi-fi access  and own a laptop(or PC). Personally, I wrote my thoughts in my notebook (prepared already) so that by the time I blog, I just type whatever's written in my notes and not anymore thinking because I wrote already what I thought (damn! I'm good at it)
6. A laptop. For those who don't have one, don't worry , you are not alone. Try accessing the internet cafe instead and straight to your blog so that you can't pay legs and arms in the internet connection.
So I bet you already have your own blog based on the ways I posted here (You Too Can).
I suggest  you make blogging a habit especially for those who are good at their own craft. You can even earn in your blog. By the time I know how to put ads on my blog, I will make a blog post about it so that you too can earn. 
If you don't get what I posted on ways how to blog here, don't worry I'll be blogging another one for you.
Good luck!

levi's jeans, geometric shaped top
photos by: Rash

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