Saturday, August 30, 2014

24 Things I Have Learned In Life

Everything in every day brings lessons (good or bad) to our lives. You may see things at a large picture and would rate them bad or good just like these photographs I have, but if you are going to study them and count on the things present on them figuratively, I am sure you will say that they are beautiful. I need poetic minds in the lines above.

And now that another year has added on me, I want to look back and share with you guys the things I learned in my 24 years of existence.
1. Everything has its own purpose. You can't question that.Things are there for a reason. You might not know its purpose at the first glance, but as time goes on, you will realize its value.
2. Persons no matter how good always have bad sides. It's impossible to generalize, but it's very impossible to be good all the time too in this crazy world. It is just like the saying  "being good all the time is not good".
3. Fairy tales don't come true, but I am still praying that Prince Harry of Wales would find me and make me his princess hahaha (I say nothing is impossible here)
4. At the end of the day no matter how happy you are, you are still praying for that kind person (if kind I say all the good traits here of a guy : generous, faithful, loving, responsible, hardworking, committed, etc.and would never ever cheat or attempt to...bonus na lang kung mayaman) to come into your way as your husband and would treat you like a princess (fairy tale again! lol) I can see Prince Rainier of Monaco's character here to HRH Grace Kelly.
5. I learn to value the least persons and things of my life and don't take them for granted.
6. Help of any sort is appreciated.
7. Behind every failure and pain, grace is behind them. (Wawa Veran said) God uses even the deepest pain to mold you right and put you in tract of what He has planned for you from the very beginning.
8. Everybody is fashionable and remarkably beautiful.
9. Every birthday you have, no matter how wild the partying, there is always a time to shed that happy and lonely tears.
10. The things you do reflect what you aspire in life.
11. Mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
12. It always relieving to repent our sins to the Almighty Father above.
13. Even the tiniest praise is a good virus to the soul making it working for good, and one thing, it is communicable.
14. I learn to let go of the people in my life, but I am hoping to welcome them again soon.
15.If you want something, the universe will conspire so you can have it.
16. Fight in everything worth fighting for especially your family.
17. Give your best all the time and focus on improving yourself every day.
18. It is more all right to be heart broken than never love at all, but by the next time don't rush into love. Wait patiently enough.
19. No one is perfect, but there are sometimes right persons.
20. Don't be too hard on yourself. Chase for happiness without hurting others. After all, it's not bad to love yourself too much.
21. Plain speaking would pacify the rage and control everything.-not too much, not too less.
22. It's all right to be ambitious, but the most important thing is do work for your dreams not tomorrow but NOW. Hone your crafts because they are the best assets you can have.
23. Confidence is the best dress. Learn it from the people who are admirable in the society.
24. It's time to move on, Jehan to another chapter of your life. Best things lie ahead of you and be an inspiration to others, but don't forget to be good all the time.
God bless, everyone!

photos by me, Jehan

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