Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Mean Posing

I know..I know... I don't have perfect pictures or right pictures (sometimes) in my blog compared to Kristina Bazan of Kayture blog whose blog has been nominated for best blog photography. "Kristina, may I borrow your photographer?, and what camera are you using?" I am serious. But anyway I love my pictures though because they are products of my aspiring model sistah, Rashel. She is just a beginner and doesn't have any experience before in the field of photography. I am proud of her because she is just 12 years old and still
continuing to search for things she just loves best, and one thing is for sure of her is, she wants to be a supermodel (I just interviewed her last night for I am going to feature her in my blog soon so though with Ate Glaiza). Despite, I don't have a choice but to let her take my pictures. Nobody does take follow, and understand my whim (who is near to me) except her.
No matter how many funny comments I received from my students about my "cogonan" venue (lol, I can see Arhem's face here), I just laughed though. I see beauty everywhere from which unfortunately they don't see. And this time in this post with pipes, pale cement and over all ugly background I have sure bags another funny comments lol. Heck do I care; I mean posing though lol.
God bless, everyone!

photos by: Rash

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