Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo Diary: Press Conference Naga City (PART 1)

LOCATION: Naga City, Cebu

 I remember last year, it was October 8,2013, Tuesday (I think) when an earthquake shocked Bohol and Cebu islands. At this day even though it was holiday I went to school (very early in the morning) waiting for my chosen contestant and student, Alfred dela Cruz for my very special discussion with him on Copy reading and Headline Writing. Man...despite the aftershocks we were still at the faculty room (together with Chona, my co-teacher) running to and fro and then discuss again so that he can have the whole thing about the
contest that would be held on Monday the next week of it. I gave him so many tasks to read and memorize, and I know his brain was quaking with new ideas and seeking answers for the activities I gave to him. Despite all those hardships, he won first place in the Division level with almost perfect output. I cried and laughed for joy. Indeed the labor was worth it. So we were able to proceed to the Regional level held in Naga City, Cebu last December 26-28, 2013. 
So in this blog post I want to share with you guys how it is nice to join Press Conference (based on the photos I have). I am encouraging everybody to join press conference since the Division level in Bogo City is coming.
God bless everyone.

photographer: Jian Ornopia

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