Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sisters And A Brother

I am lucky enough to have sisters- yes not just one but two- elder one and younger one. But Ate Glaiza, the eldest is far away from us, so Rashel and I always connive with this so-called addiction that I have ( and she has also)- blogging and picture taking (photography for social term lol). So most of my pictures were taken by her. This selves also as a training for her. 

Sometimes when Rashel has an errand, I ask Neil, my brother and next to me to take pictures 
of me, but wait he is a very good teaser ending to an angry image of me after he took pictures lol. But I love all of them. 
So today, I am showing to you my sister Rashel wiuth me (though she has been featured in my blog so many times) and my brother Neil. 

God bless everyone!

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