Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two Blogs I'm Currently Obsessed With

For those who are avid readers and lookers of pictures of my blog, you might notice that I don't have any outfit posts recently. That is because I need to give way on the old pictures I have which I thought worth blogging and coordinate with my articles. Moreover, I promised to myself to post quality images on my blog and to never sacrifice quality for quantity. And another reason is I am really inspired by these two blogs that I am obsessed with which both grabbed awards from the recent Bloglovin Awards.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you Kayture of Kristina Bazan and Gary Pepper Girl of Nicole Warne- these year's winners for Bloglovin Awards.

Kayture won the actual Blog of The Year. Sigh... just see her blog and read her articles so that you will know why. Her pictures are crisp, artistic, visual, and free- spirited.
On the other hand, Gary Pepper Girl won Best Photography. Yeah, truly enough she captured beauty from the simple to the serene making it an ultimate day dream blog.
Both blogs' photographers are their boyfriends (sigh). I wish I had a boyfriend as creative, talented, artistic, faithful, responsible, and as dedicated like them. But I only have my sister who is very hard headed and is as stubborn as me (with a very young age) haha (#joke).
No matter how much I teach her to capture images like this and that and feed her with so many magazines, she doesn't care and focus her attention only playing with her Barbie dolls haha. She is still a child at heart after all.
That is why for now I thought of capturing her sometimes to show my photographic side too and her fashionista side as well. hehe
Anyway, I am so lucky that I discovered these two blogs because they are my inspirations. Like Kristina and Nicole, they too were once dreamers like me. They endure and work smarter in order to be what and who  they are now. And like them too, my sister and I aspire to be an international fashion, lifestyle and travel bloggers.

photos from Google
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