Saturday, October 11, 2014

10 Facts About Me

My student Kristin Telen tagged me and some others on Facebook about 10 Facts about her at general topic and wanted me and some others to do the same too.
But instead of writing them directly on Facebook, I would like to write mine here in my blog in case my readers in the internet world and blogosphere would want some interesting things about me (not everyone cares though ;-)  )

1. Though I am health conscious, I am still a big fan of fries, pizza and empanada. Yeah... I can finish a whole big pizza or five extra large fries than a one slice of cake. I am not really a sucker of sweet foods just like any body else.

2. I am an avid fan of the royal bloods in different kingdoms of the world. I have a crush on Prince Harry of Wales and the Casigrahi Prince of Monaco. And when I see royals, I am imagining myself doing the things they do. hahaha

3. Princess Diana of Wales and Michelle Phan are my forever favorites. They are inspiring; they are my pegs.

4. I am keeping up with the Kardashians.... I love them somehow.

5. I am obsessed with skin products (especially oils) and definitely love my skin. Yeah, if I could have money, I would definitely splurge on things that would make my morena skin beautiful. Of course that includes eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle because these things exude outside.

6. When I was young I had a phobia on cameras and mirrors. I was afraid of the camera because I thought the flash would kill me out. On the other hand, I had a fear on mirrors because I did not want to see the lump in my neck because it brought me down. But now, I embrace the cameras and mirrors and definitely would not live without them. hahaha

7. I am obsessed with the Victoria's Secret Angels, and I am imagining myself just one of them. lol
Their body and their discipline really rock me. Their abs are absolutely abs-tiful. And because of my obsession to them, my co- workers in CRMC call me VICTORIA ;-)

8.I love reading magazines. I have a lot of them especially OK and Candy magazines. And when I read a newspaper, definitely I would flip first on FASHION, LIFESTYLE, AND SHOWBIZ PAGES. haha

9. I am always dreaming to be anybody else. I dream of becoming a lawyer, doctor, nurse, supermodel, writer, photographer, superintendent, scientist, engineer, artist, a chef, and many more. Mention them and definitely I never escape to dream that way.hahaha

10. Some people rather see me talking to public and being friendly to them, but at home I am a silent type.I can even let the day past without saying a word to someone. That's how silent and loner I am. I can even  eat only one meal  a day and the rest of the hours is spent on "me" time and of course sleeping. I rather sleep than eat. haha 
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