Sunday, October 19, 2014

Every Day Is Special

Have you guys never ever complained a day or two or five in your life?
Yeah... most of us do complain  for a reason that we are insatiable  and imperfect. We cannot escape from being absolutely mad to someone or to a thing or to a happening. We are just humans.
Though every day  we are bothered by our daily routine or by our imperfections, there are still many ways to make our day very special.
1. Start your day with a grateful heart. Count your blessings and not on your loss. Thank everything
around you, and thank God for your new life. A prayer will do great.
2. Start your day with a great breakfast. It doesn't mean to have a banquet, but with a coffee (to transform the zombie mode to zen mode), rice and a viand of your choice definitely rock. Remember having a great morning is having a great day ahead.
3. Sweat out and release the toxins in your body.
4. Think only of the positive things, and you will feel happy.
5. Avoid those people who always bring you down and stay only to those who have positive vibe and are inspiring.
6. Think that you are not alone in this world. If your prayers are not answered yet, maybe God is still busy helping others problems from other corners of the Earth. He always has time for you. Just wait...ok?
7. Discover your strengths and hone them more. 
8. Be contented of what you have.
9. Make use of your time to those remarkable deeds.
10. Smile and even laugh out loud; it's the best antidote to sadness.

Go on and have a good day, everyone! 

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photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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