Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do The Ransack

Do you know that words really are like alcohol? If you are addicted with it, you will become "alcoholic", but when you  are obsessed with with words and get easily affected by their effects (through thoughts) and wanting to read and read, you'll become "word-aholic". Silly right? I just invented it though. Hush.. just don't tell anyone. hehe 
I am always an addict (not to prohibited drugs or anything bad though) with inspirational ones . And when I
am inspired with it, I am addicted to it- the side effects? happy and inspiring disposition.
Lately, I found another inspiration- outfits mixing and matching. I'm no style savvy expert. I just wear the clothes that are available with me. And since I am a little bit frugal, I ransack vintage pile of clothes in lola's cabinet, and look at what I found...tadaaaa.. vintage Hugo Boss jacket and Riverina dress.
Yeah, this day's blog outfits are vintage except for  the purse  and sneakers.
Just like I said, one can be as fashionista as she can without spending too much. Everything just lies in the power of creativity and innovation.
So before splurging on new branded items in the mall, why not fight the stinky moth balls in your mother's or grandma's cabinet for branded pieces like these. ;-)
Though you are helping the economy when splurging, but saving and thinking of the future is worth a scrimp.
 God bless, everyone!

photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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