Sunday, October 26, 2014

Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

I just want to have two articles today because I am happy (as always). lol
No matter how frustrating life is, we need to be happy at all times. In all that we do, we need to love and grab it because life is really just too short. Every minute counts and is precious.
There are really many things (no matter how simple) that I do appreciate every day. 
I seem like a grateful person since I got sick before. I realize that we need to celebrate every day of our lives. Before, I want to hurry the time so that I'd be cured quickly, but now, it seems that I want it to slow
down so that I can really cherish it most.
For now I want to share some things that are currently making me happy.
1. Bonding with college classmates.
2. Mama is finally here with us.
3. Christmas is coming to town.
4. Ate Glaiza's birthday! I thank God for her in our lives.
5. End of the in-service seminar for teachers.
6. I am excited with the thoughts in my head with regard to my future career. (leave it to me)
7. More vintage clothes to be photographed. lol
8. Sem break tadaaaaa!
9. Press conference contest
10.Chatting with my friends overtime haha
10.5 Sunny weather in a pocket forest like this.

God bless, everyone!

photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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