Monday, October 6, 2014


LOCATION: Simala, Sibonga, Cebu

Today marks a very special day for my blog because starting today I will only post clear, artistic, visual, free-spirited, and crisp photos for my blog.
Aside from I started my travel to the holy place in the South of Cebu, Simala, I promise to myself to never really sacrifice quality from quantity. 
Today, I humbly apologize for my blurred pictures I had posted. Hopefully from this time (in God's Divine
Providence) I can produce beautiful pictures for this blog.
My sister and I promised to work smarter on the blog even though I just consider it a small one compared to all the blogs in the blogosphere.

Moving on, last September 21, 2014 my sister and I were able to go to the buzzed-about holy place of the South of Cebu, Simala for free.'s free. We thank Ate Sha and Kuya Dennis and family for letting us enter in their pilgrimage to the said place. We did not spend even a centavo- thanks to their generosity.
Truly enough, best things in this world are given free. Hopefully generous people like them will scatter around the world to let those who are dreaming and dreamers would experience a world of a lifetime even just a day.
Simala Church in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu is such a great place. It's a holy place for the Roman Catholic. The architecture is great too even though it's not yet finished. 
Though I am raised by Roman Catholic parent, but I don't worship idols because I am a bible- based believer of God (no offense here, I am just being real).
I am amazed by the support of the people to the Miraculous Virgin Mary. 
Even the houses (rich ones) towards the said place, all have statues of the Virgin Mary.
Filipinos really are devoted Catholics.
I was not able to count how many steps there were towards the top because I was busy looking at the guards scattered around everywhere to maintain peace inside the church and to pay respect to the image of Miraculous Virgin Mary.

Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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