Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who Wore It Better?

Ever since Ate and I were children, we used to be compared in all aspects of our lives especially physically lol. Our dresses were sewed in the same style but in different colors. Of course as an elder sister, she should choose first before me, and as meticulous as I am in color combination, Ate always had the nicest dress color, and I was left with a degrading heart as a child haha. Sad as it seems but when I think of those things we did when we were still children like when I was crying because I was a loser in our feud brings laughter to my life and to my grand mother when I shared them with her. 

Truly when memory lets you travel to the past, you will laugh thinking of your cries, but you will cry thinking of your laughs- your happiness that all of a sudden or sad to say were not anymore present up to this point. And one thing, memory summarizes your whole personal]ity as to how strong or weak are you thinking of your battles in life.
Sometimes, we were mistaken by so many strangers as twin because we were almost of the same height, weight and sun- blonde hair color. I was happy when we were mistaken to be twin because I considered myself mestiza or beautiful too like her hahaha. But the opposite part is, she did not like to be called twin because she felt ugly like me ....hahaha.
And when we answered that "no , we are not twin; we are just sisters", the strangers would then say " then, who's the eldest? you?", pointing to me considering me as an elder one. The result is sad me and happy her because she looks younger than
Those were just silly things incorporated in our childhood and teenage years. We were even compared academically, but we used to it. We sometimes compete, but above all we help each other excel in our chosen fields.We love each other as sisters. Though I love to be compared with her, but most of the time I want to be as unique as I am.
And to reminisce the memories again, I want to go back to the time when we were compared here in my blog. This time with one dress.
Who wore it better?
Well then Ate Glaiza always wins........hahaha
God bless everyone!


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