Friday, December 5, 2014


One of the things I would never forget in my Art Education subject with Mrs. Flor A. Luna is the complimentary colors. She said that one should select colors that are complimentary in the color wheel.
I don't memorize the colors in the color wheel with the different shades but one thing I know is that violet and yellow colors are complimentary.

It's hard to pair violet with some other colors except for white and black because they are not colors but neutrals.With the proper  color combi, violet or purple would be elegant  for it is a regal color.
 Now, I am studying proper color combi, and I am currently loving the complimentary.

The skirt and the top in these photos are vintage. The former is a possession of my mom when she was a maiden. She eventually laughed seeing me wearing her skirt. The top on the other hand is a possession of mine when I was in elementary . hehehe
Yeah, same with my grandmother, I have also a " keeping skill" to boast.
That top was kept before because way back I don't really have an inclination to wear spaghetti tops or sexy tops because I find my shoulders really really broad, but I was mistaken because it's just narrow. hehe
I was chubby before, and I had a tomboyish body, so I really found my shoulders broad..
The wedges are a favorite of mine and are already overused.
The purse by the way is from Avon which was given free when I purchased some things in bigger amount. They are two actually of the same design and size; I just keep the other one for some other occasions or for gift purposes.
I hope you like the combination.
God bless everyone!
Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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