Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh My Sunset

Figuratively speaking, sunset means towards the end of something or of life or a gloomy part of one's life with no enjoyment but full of darkness and boredom.
But for me, sunset means a very exciting part of the day where the sky turns into a feast of colors- red, yellow, orange, purple, pastel and even pink.
It makes the object being hit by it golden and precious.

Many bloggers across the world have sunset as the awaited time to shoot on. 
Its photos are dramatic, and elegant.
And with this shoot I have, I really waited for the sun to set on. It was fun playing and capturing with it.
Sometimes the result photo would have a dark shadow of the object making the sun's light a focus, but it's all worth it.
Though sunset is a common subject to shoot, but I never tired of it. I am never tired of seeing it and will never be.
Though we have different perspective on sunset, but I for one would definitely go on with its positive side. I mean everything is positive....for me. :-)
It's just a funny thing to say that everything I see is beautiful. Yeah, I mean everything- the trash, the unruly things, the riot- I  am just a very grateful and appreciative person.
My co-worker would sometimes get irritated because every time he asks me about the structure of his work- its physical beauty, my answer would always be "wow, it's beautiful; it's ok; it's nice" (and all the positive adjectives are my answers).
But he insisted, I should have to give the negative.
Then I replied " Your work is beautiful because I can't do that, and you it's beautiful".
Same with sunset; I can't even make a sun except from drawing it; I can't make the colored sky when it appears; only God can, so it's beautiful.
Have a great day everyone! Keep safe!

GTW skirt, aero shirt, jeaga sandals
Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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