Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Must- Read Book

 When varied articles are very available online, there's nothing more comfortable than reading offline and let your eyes free from radiation in a windy place under the tree. Oh province life!- how I love you!. No air and noise pollution- perfect for meditation and "me" time and reading time.
I am really into reading on facts not that I don't like fiction , but I just want to know it all-living encyclopedia- I must say hehe-just kidding!

At the first month of the year, I'd like to recommend this book- National Geographic Kids ALMANAC 2015- for a genius you in an instant for information purposes and inspiration. National Geographic Kids ALMANAC 2015  has the following contents good for different multiple intelligence.
1. Your world 2015- features different discoveries 
2. Amazing Animals
3. Going green -features natural ways of living 
4. Super science- focuses on new inventions
5. Fun and games
6. Culture connection- features different traditions in different counties
7. Wonders of nature
8. History happens
9. Geography rocks
So you know now why this is a must-read book...do you
Have a knowledge-filled days and God bless!

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photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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