Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And My "Selfie" Goes This Way

Selfie...selfie...selfie... You heard it right - every corner, young or old, rich and poor alike. We become selfie addict to track our improvement or our whereabouts in everyday task whatever place we are in and whatever mood we are in to. may it be wacky, girly, sweet, angry, shock, angst, dramatic, sexy. We are into "selfie".
For me, it'd not bad anyway. It's a matter of caring and paying attention to oneself- grooming as you call it. What's being exciting about it is that when you have tons of "selfies" in your file and you flip through them, you will realize the changes in you. You allow yourself to dance across the sky and watch the world be

forever changed.
"Selfie" is one of the things that make 2014 memorable, and I know for sure it would be so "in" at the latter part of 2015.
And today's very minute and hour that everybody's taking her/ his "selfies", I would like to take mine, and it goes this way.
What's your selfie?
Share yours in my Fb acount and let's spread the inspiration.
God bless everyone!

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