Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Yay...the heart day as I say is definitely trending for all types of people- heartbroken, in-love, hoping, never at all, unrequited- I mean all.
Whether it's a Valentine's Day or not, every day is just an ordinary day, and you are the sole responsible to make your day extraordinary. You are in- charged of what you feel so, it's up to you what to choose. And since Valentine's Day is coming and since I am responsible for what I feel, I choose HAPPINESS (hope that you are too).

Here are simple things that would make you happy with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine's Day.
1. Say just "Happy Valentine's Day" to the people around you. This means a lot to them even to the "nega" and stone at heart.

2. Say "thank you". In everything- great or small- give gratitude.

3. Share that hearty lines or quotes as status in your social media accounts. Bitter are not allowed.

4. Give love. Yeah.. bitter days and bitter people do come, but don't let them change the person you are. 
Though you are betrayed, give love anyway.

5. Celebrate that day- not maybe with a boyfriend or girlfriend but with friend or even with your family because Valentine's Day should be celebrated with the people closest to your heart and with those who are making you happy.

Have a heart-filled day everyday.

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