Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Perks Of Being a Teacher

1. You become an inspiration in an instant. Yeah.. I guess every teacher is an inspiration to the students either brought about  by negative impact or positive one. It's an exhilarating feeling when someone says that "ma'am/sir I chose this course because I want to be like you/ you inspire me to be like this and make me pursue my dreams".

2. Either in the department store, park, mall...everywhere, students (especially the former ones) will always say "hi ma'am/ sir". And students don't care about how crowded the place is as long as they greet their teachers.
3. Freebies (lol) from your students abroad and even in local.
4. You've got so many invitations, and you don't know where to first.
5. You are a MODEL of values. Students follow you that way.
6. A teacher is respected everywhere (but it depends on the teacher's character).
7. You affect lives. Imagine how someone succeeds because you touch his life, and the reverse one... someone fails because you have a negative impact on him. A teacher is a good music in which people sing along with.
8. You've got to many places without being planned to because of some contests, conferences, and seminars.
9. You are a boss in the classroom; students follow what you say (hahaha I am so bossy) but in a positive way. You become a master of your subject, and even more you become intelligent with it. Teachers are multiple intelligent.
10. Teaching is a noble profession, and a teacher is a noble one.

Be a teacher in your own way!

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