Monday, August 17, 2015

Cheers To Life


LOCATION: Island Hopping Beach Resort
Nailon, Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines

I am actually speechless right now, but there is no other chance but to speak how thankful I am of having a life at 25 years now because today is my birthday!
I want to say Happy Birthday to myself! hehehe

My life has had so many bruises due to circumstances I cannot control and brought so many lessons in all aspects of me. I bruised because I fought back in life, and I stand every after fall.
I blog because I want to be one of the living proofs of God's great love to us. I had been to cancer and lacking one treatment still til graduation, yet I never find life so hopeless because I believe nothing is really permanently sad. Everything lies in us-in our greatest hands. We need to keep smiling and inspiring each other. We have the power to make our dreams a reality if we keep our mind to be like that. We have the power of what our life would be. It needs hard work, dedication and unrelenting pursuit towards our goals and of course, PRAYER!
I am in my quarter part of life now supposing I will live a hundred. Still at this point I am at the verge of honing my craft and still want to travel a lot. ;-)
There is no other way but to be thankful for everything and of course to my readers. Thank you so much!

photos by: Rash

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