Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life's Simple Pleasures

  I mentioned in my previous post about gadget detoxification. This is really a must do at this point in my life because my vision really is shaking, and my eyes are aching. Too bad I still face the computer with this post of mine, but I need to reach out my readers the bad effects of facing too much to
laptops and cellphones. I know there is a need to update in the social media accounts especially if we have a blog to operate on, but that doesn't mean we need to kill ourselves slowly with the gadgets.I admit cellphone has been a great part of my life, and I cannot help peeking at it once in a while for some chats, emails and comments in the blog and even texts.

Sleep has been  my great remedy to my aching eyes and what more since I live in the countryside, so nature has been a great help. 
Bonding with nature is a natural therapy. The lush land, the simple little flowering plants, the birds, etc. are instant poppers and refreshments. And with that I lay on the little things on Earth, walked bare feet and felt the little pain in my feet from tiny rocks and savored the sunshine in my skin in this cold month of February, and I felt really really great.
Work has cut me from doing this, so I just do this on weekends in a happy weather. 

Simple things bring so much joy if we just appreciate them truly. They cannot be bought for they are given free, yet they are life's simple pleasures.
What are yours?

Shot by: Rashel Mohammad
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