Friday, August 19, 2016

Postcards from Nalusuan Island

LOCATION: Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
Been in a long post hiatus recently because school work really stressed me out and made me want to stay in bed longer. But blogging has really been a passion now; no matter how tired you are, you still manage to do what you love because again you love it right. If you love what you do, it feels like not work at all.
It's in the vein. I promised I'll blog regularly no matter what! lol
Today's post is a trip of mine in Nalusuan Island, one of the islands of Olango groups of island in Mactan, Cebu. This is an experience of a lifetime because here I experienced what it feels like being bitten by schools of fish. It was hurtful dude. Man.. the bites did bleed a little, but not scary.
But those little creatures are cute to look at though underneath through goggles. I wish I had "go pro" at that time so I can have groufie with the schools of fish. It's like Finding Dory as I chased them so I can touch them. They are so many because this island is a marine sanctuary- a very good advocacy by the owner; I salute!
Volleyball game in the sandbar is a must-try.
There is a forest-y part of the island which gives a cool air despite the scorching sun.
That pond has a lot of bigger fish.
Finding Dory and Nemo ;-)
I pictured only two using my phone, but they are so enormous at a distant.
One of the boats we rented waited here;they can't stay near the somewhat bridge area because tourists will have their snorkeling.
somewhat like Fiesta...
This is the side area where you can find the kitchen and the toilets. Ohhh water is scarce in the island so we are not allowed to take a bath after we swum, so we used our mineral water af.
These are the foods... be warned the prices from the supermarket are doubled here as in times 2. hehe
So I suggest.. bring a lot of foods and water. No one likes to be dehydrated and hungry.
On the way to Nalusuan, you can pass by up close the Gilutongan Island.
This is one of the islands in Olango groups of island.
Time to go back home, but first pose for the camera.  ;-)
Thank you Nalusuan Island... 'til next time!

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